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An international team of experts

Stanhope Capitals’ management team has decades of operating experience with international Tier 1 banks and financial institutions and has been at the forefront of global investments, fintech payment and treasury solutions.

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SH Financial is the culmination of years of expertise at the forefront of fintech.

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SH Digital supplies customers with simplified fiat on and off-ramp options designed to eliminate friction between fiat and crypto assets.

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Every payment service you need powered through our digital platform.

Akram Skaik picture

Akram Skaik

Chairman & Board Member

Osama Al Rahma picture

Osama Al Rahma

Board Member

Kevin Neuschatz picture

Kevin Neuschatz

Board Member

Tom Dillon Picture

Tom Dillon

Board Member

Puneet Narula

Puneet Narula

CEO of SH Capital