Strict legal compliance

Stanhope Financial Group meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance in an ever-evolving global financial landscape. The management team has extensive experience of all financial services regulatory compliance levers including AML/CTF, ABC, sanctions screening, CDD/KYC, data protection and fraud. They act swiftly to implement robust new procedures wherever and whenever necessary.


Fully licensed operations

Stanhope Financial Group has been granted an in principle approval Cat 3A regulatory licensing from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) for its treasury management subsidiary – SH Capital – to trade in Dubai. The Group has also obtained its Electronic Money Institution licence for its transaction banking subsidiary – SH Payments – regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.


Advanced regulatory technology

Both of Stanhope Financial Group’s two subsidiaries, SH Payments and SH Capital, leverage the latest RegTech and transacting monitoring technology, based on the security and efficiency of blockchain, to significantly reduce CBR risk and service friction. The key areas in which RegTech is leverage are:

● Information Security
● Operations Risk Management
● Compliance Management
● Trade Monitoring

In this way, Stanhope Financial Group is creating a paradigm shift in the way the entire digital cash management chain is cleared, monitored and delivered today.


Managing the risk of uncertainty

Organisations are facing an increasing set of uncertainties as they strive to create value and enhance their reputation – from shifting social, political, environmental, and technological landscapes, to sometimes volatile and often highly regulated marketplaces. These are developing faster than ever, in unpredictable ways, carrying the potential to shift from risk to opportunity or crisis rapidly.


Prevention is better than treatment

Having the right tools to deal with uncertainty and manage risks, both known and unknown, can elevate strategy, improve performance, offer greater insights for decision making, and assure effectiveness over time. Stanhope’s compliance functions are therefore putting core digital foundations in place in our three pillars:

• Increase transparency

• Measure conformance and performance

• Increase productivity

"Obedience is the mother of success and is wedded to safety." Aeschylus